On Marrow and Flame


I try to give every book I read a long day in court. I don’t review a book if it’s not at least 3 stars (which I usually know before the first chapter is over, sometimes sooner). When I do review a book, I aim to be as courteously candid as possible, and strive to capture the essence of the book, not from a plot point of view, but through the eyes of its heart, its main themes, it’s literary prowess, and it’s central messages.


My high reviews are usually fervent; after all, I am, first and foremost, an artist. Despite my efforts to make my reviews as objective as possible, the more the book has impacted me, the higher the passion level will be in my review, and that smolder always invades like a surreptitious tide. If you’re looking for a synopsis-driven, black-and-white type of review, I’m not your guy.


Book review and blurb requests can be sent to jgchristiansen@aol.com. I am not a fast reader (averaging 2 weeks per book), so my stack of books is usually high. Don’t be discouraged if I can’t get to your book right away, even if I am highly interested. Also, for blurb requests, I need 6 weeks lead time. If I do not think the novel is worthy of a blurb, I will still review the book on Amazon (if it’s at least 3 stars).

Happy reading,



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