A Chilling, Imaginative, Haunting Ride: Review of Twisted Vengeance by Jeff Bennington



I began this novel before an overseas move and it became temporarily shelved. However, the deeply creative and luring premise of the book stayed in my mind and brought me back. Isn’t that what good books do? I was able to come back and barely miss a beat. And I’m glad that I finished this book.

The way the author skillfully meshes the characters’ pasts with the serpentine road of the boy’s mysterious journey and paranormal flights keeps the reader well engaged and hungry for more. But what sets this book apart is the creative enigma and evil tapestry of the boy and his past. In fact, the plot of the strange youngster is, I feel, the heart of this novel … so much so that I wished the author had developed it even further.

I like the way the author brought in the police investigations and other very human elements; they gave an otherwise disturbingly supernatural novel a certain plausible gravity. The twists toward the end of the novel will leave everyone not just entertained, but spooked before bedtime.

Very well done and certainly worth the read.

Yours in literature,

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