Blood Curse: Unapologetically Human and Plenty of Panache


A thematically consistent, superbly crafted, and unapologetically human addition to a great trilogy.

I was stirred by the raw emotionality and imagination of Lakota Honor, and this second book continues with the same successful panache. It is obvious that Blood Curse is well researched by its interesting historical details and engaging settings. The main characters are multi-dimensional and, most notably, their inner worlds are talentedly revealed by Flannery. Reading her, I sometimes almost think she is some distant relative of Dostoevsky. Also, the twists in the novel are genuine and keep the reader suspended right through to the denouement.

I highly recommend this book, not just for its notable contribution to an excellent series, but for its virginal denudation of its characters’ hearts and souls.

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Yours in literature,